Bible Code - King Hussein of Jordan

The Death of King Hussein of Jordan in the Bible Codes

King Hussein of Jordan

HUSSEIN (yellow letters on red)
The name "Hussein" in Hebrew (cheth-vav-samek-yod-yod-nun) is encoded at its minimum skip sequence (-94 ELS) in Genesis beginning in Genesis 48:15 and ending in Genesis 48:7. King Hussein, a member of the Hashemite dynasty, was the son of King Talal. He took over the rulership of Jordan in 1952 after his father was declared insane. King Hussein ruled Jordan until his death from cancer in 1999.

KING (yellow letters on maroon)
The Hebrew word for "King" (mem-lamed-kaph) is encoded at an ELS of 4 in Genesis 48:10.

JORDAN (dark blue letters on light blue)
The Hebrew transliteration for "Jordan" (yod-resh-dalet-nun) is found at an ELS of 5 in Genesis 48:10.

TO DIE (white letters on black)
The Hebrew phrase "to die" (lamed-mem-vav-tav) is found in Genesis 48:10 at an ELS of -6.

CANCER (light green letters on gray)
Crossing through the name "Hussein" is the Hebrew word for "cancer" (samek-resh-teth-nun). This word is found at an ELS of -773, beginning in Genesis 49:5 and ending in Genesis 47:19. King Hussein died of cancer.

SHEVAT (blue letters on yellow)
Beginning in Genesis 47:30 and ending with the teth in "cancer" in Genesis 47:31, the Hebrew month of "Shevat" (shin-beth-teth) appears at an ELS of 22. King Hussein died in the Jewish month of Shevat in the year 5759.

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